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AB-Tribunes, Maarheeze

Rondven 67, Maarheeze (Noord-Brabant)


Tribunes Seating Grandstands Demontabele tribunes Tribünen Stahlrohr Tribünen


A-B Tribunes is a dutch company, that started as a rental company of portable seating-systems in 1988. Since 1998 A-B Tribunes also sells seating-systems for portable or fixed stadiums.

A-B Tribunes have been used for various projects worldwide :

Tribunes Seating Grandstands Demontabele tribunesTribünen Stahlrohr Tribünen Portable seatings Portable grandstands


  • Formula 1 Tribunes
  • Golf Tribunes
  • Soccer Tribunes
  • DTM Serie Tribunes
  • Volleyball Tribunes
  • Equestrian - events Tribunes
  • STW Races Tribunes
  • Basketball Tribunes
  • Davis - Cup Tennis Tribunes
  • Tour de France Tribunes
  • Boxing Tribunes
  • Music Tribunes
  • ATP - Tennis Tribunes
  • Circus Tribunes
  • etc.

The temporary A-B Tribunes seating-system, is made of galvanised steel - frames and comfortable polypropylene tip-up-seats, it can be build as a portable or a fixed grandstand, with or without a roof - structure.

As a manufakturer of this high quality seating-system, we are proud to have clients all over the world. You can sit down on our A-B Tribunes seating-system in the following countries:


  • USA stadiums
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Hong Kong stadium
  • Holland
  • Germany
  • Israel
  • Ireland
  • Austria
  • Great Britain
  • Italy
  • etc.

AB Tribunes b.v.b.a  -  Militaire Dijk 7  -  3930 Hamont-Achel -  België  -  Tel: 0032 (0)11 445633  -  Email: info@ab-tribunes.com

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Rondven 67
Maarheeze (Noord-Brabant)


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